Protect Yourself From Liability

If you’re an estate trustee (either an executor or administrator), it’s important to publish a notice to creditors to protect yourself from liability.

  • It’s your responsibility to pay the debts of the deceased

  • There may be debts you don’t know about

  • If you don’t advertise for creditors, you may have to pay these debts out of your own pocket

$150 + HST

Expressly Approved in Saskatchewan and Ontario

How it Works

You Fill in Our Online Form

Lawyers and estate trustees use our online form to publish their notice to creditors. Fill in the required information on the form and proceed to checkout.

We Connect Your Notice with Creditors

We publish your notice in our public, searchable database and on social media. We send updates directly to subscribers and major creditors across Canada.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our customers include lawyers, law clerks, trust officers, and individual estate trustees. If you're administering an estate, you can use NoticeConnect. It's very easy to use.

NoticeConnect is trusted by hundreds of law firms, trust companies, and legal service organizations in Ontario.

If you're administering an estate, you should publish a notice to creditors to protect yourself from personal liability. If you do not advertise for creditors and the deceased had an outstanding debt, the creditor can sue you for the full amount of the debt.

You can complete your purchase by credit card or by cheque.

If you pay by credit card, your notice will be published automatically on the same day. If you pay by cheque, your notice will be published when we’ve received your payment.

Your notice to creditors only has to be published once on NoticeConnect (unlike print advertisements, which must be published multiple times).

When you create your notice, you will select on the Checkout page whether or not you want the ad to stay on our website after the expiry date has passed. The ad will stay on our site after the expiry date unless you choose to have it removed.

If your notice is already expired and you’d like us to remove it, simply send us an email at: from the email address you used to purchase the notice.

Publishing a notice to creditors on NoticeConnect is quick and easy.

  • Fill out our online form here. Make sure you enter all of the required fields.

  • Click Generate Notice. Your notice will appear below, and you can preview it and make changes. If you've made a mistake, you can change the field above and click “Generate Notice” again to see your corrected notice.

  • When you're satisfied with everything, click Continue to Payment and you'll be brought to the Checkout page.

Our list of cities is powered by Google and does not include some smaller townships, unincorporated communities, or amalgamated regions.

For the main Location field, you’ll have to select the closest municipality available from the dropdown list.

You can customize the optional location fields for Location 2 and Location 3. Click on "Can't find your city in the dropdown list?" A pop-up window will appear to Add Location. Fill in the required fields, then click Submit to customize your location.

There is no official time period, but the convention in Ontario is to publish your notice to creditors for 30 days. If the estate is particularly complicated and you want to give creditors more time to come forward with claims, you can keep your notice active for up to 60 days.

Your notice to creditors should have the contact information of someone associated with the estate. That can be the estate trustee or a lawyer working for the estate trustee.

There is no specific rule as to the type of contact information you should provide, but the vast majority of notices include an address. Many notices also include a telephone number or email address. If you have additional questions about what information to include in your notice, we recommend you ask a lawyer.

You can see if your notice is published by visiting our public, searchable database. The most recent notices are listed first, followed by older notices.

You can't change your notice after it's been published. If you notice a typo or mistake, contact us at right away.

A commissioned affidavit of publication is a written statement, reviewed and signed by a lawyer, that confirms you published a notice to creditors on It can be submitted to court as evidence that you advertised for creditors.

Yes. We recommend that our users include the affidavit of publication with their order, in the event that they need to provide evidence that they advertised for creditors (e.g. to waive an administration bond, or if challenged by a creditor). The vast majority of our users include the affidavit with their orders.

We will send your affidavit of publication out within 10 business days of when your order is processed.

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